Maven decided to change their start script in Windows from .bat to .cmd. Netbeans maven configuration still uses the old command line. Netbeans will have a fix for that but to use maven 3.3.3 immediatetly i wrapped the command in a windows Batch-File. Create a simple file with any text editor and add the maven command to it:

Save the file as mvn.bat in the bin directory of your maven installation. Adjust the path in the file with the one pointing to your installation. “%*” parameter should redirect all input arguments.

Screenshot maven installation directory

Have fun

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after i ordered and installed my first certificate for my website i recognized that not all clients can establish connections to my server. For example a few java clients have none of those certificates bundled (Oracle jdk 1.8 51).

This can lead to this exception:

After a quick search i found a convenient solution. There is a java source class spread over the web that can download and install certificates from any website and install it to your java folder.

In the future i expect many people to use my server so i packed this freely floating class inside a maven project for even easier execution 😉 I am propably the thousandth who had done this but i love maven. The project is hosted on github and anyone can clone and run it.

Hint: run as user with higher privileges (sudo on linux and in a Administrator cmd on windows).

More information is available in the readme and pom-description inside the project.

Hope this helps,

cheers luke

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